Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Five: The Way We Blogged

Over at RevGalBlogPals, Kathrynzj writes:

A friend and I were lamenting recently about the good ol' days of blogging and memes. Certainly there are still some very active blogs around our web ring, but the days of the Friday Five getting 50-70+ responses are in the past. We lamented that the Friday Five is the equivalent of the women's guild of RevGalBlogPals.

I am one of those who went from blogging just about daily to periodically at best. Unfortunately, the number I routinely read has gone down as well. What about you?

1) Have your blogging (writing/reading) habits shifted since the days of yore?

Most definitely. For a few years there, keeping up with Christian blogs was actually part of my job, so I had more time to check in on folks. I had a personal rule to never blog as DogBlogger during working hours, but it was my commenting voice both in RevGal circles and the Methoblogosphere, and there's plenty of overlap between the two.

A convergence of events led to my decreased blogging activity. Yes, that ubiquitous social networking site had something to do with it, but my job change and my move had a great effect upon what I choose to post. I moved from being just a fish in the big pond of my denomination to having a more public role in a smaller sub-section of that body of water. I curtailed my blogging as a direct result.

During my transition to this job and the move back to my home state, I even began a locked-down, password-protected blog which I shared with only a few trusted friends. It showed the worst and most stressed-out side of me. I used to share frustrations here in this space, but I'm hesitant to do so now. Google my real name, and this blog turns up as a search result. There are plenty of people out there who know my name, but who might not appreciate seeing me share in this context. Just last week, I was considering writing a post announcing that I wouldn't be posting here any longer... but, ironically, I never made the time to write it.

2) Do you have some favorites that you miss?

Oh, tons of them. Too many to name. Some of them still blog and I don't make time to read, and others haven't blogged in months, and I miss their voices.

3) Are there some blogs you still put in the 'must read' category?

I do try to read any RevGal's blog entry to which she links from Twitter or FB. But there's no guarantee I'll see all of those.

4) If we gathered at your knee, what would you tell us about those early days of blogging?

Oh, the wonder of the early days... I met friends online who, it turned out, lived within driving distance. I remember meeting up with Mary Beth one Saturday and taking dogs to a dog-related festival in her town. I remember discovering that Elastigirl was attending the same seminary as Mid-Life Rookie. I remember Zorra and I sharing our true identities as we bonded over the fact that our blog names were both dog-inspired... and I remember her praying over the phone with me when my sweet Cub girl died. And so many others, including those I met at BE 1.0 and 2.0, and the mini-meetup weekend several of us in the Dallas area hosted last spring. (In a particularly strange twist of that weekend, I remember receiving the world-changing phone call offering me my current job while I was standing in a cemetery with SpookyRach, Mindy, Sue, Jules, and others.)

5) Do you have a clip or a remembrance of a previous post of yours or someone else's that you remember, you know an oldie but goodie?

Again, as with question 2, too many to name... plus, I'm about to be late for work! 'Bye now...