Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eew, eww, eww. Ewww.

Somebody is getting dropped off at the vet first thing in the morning.

Somebody has been playing host to other, smaller, unwelcome creatures.

Somebody made that fact evident this evening, in a most disgusting way, on the carpet.

Never before in my nine years (nine years!) of having dogs as co-residents have I dealt with this, um, situation.

I was assured by a vet tech it could wait until morning. I just hope they all stay put until morning.

Somebody will most certainly have a towel underneath her when she gets in my car tomorrow.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Counting down...

The Alpha's big ride begins early this Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to greeting him at the finish line Sunday afternoon. He joked that he's going to tie his bike to the back of manBoy's so he can keep up with the youngster. (At least, I hope he was joking....)

And while we're counting down, we're watching the number go up! Thanks to all who have given to help combat multiple sclerosis (including one lovely RevGal we haven't met face-to-face). MS is a crummy disease -- and we can make a difference in helping fund research that leads to better treatments and eventually a cure!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scattered thoughts

Our Disciple class has one more Tuesday night meeting. After that, just the retreat day remains. I haven't been the best about keeping up with my reading. It is what it is. But I'm happy I signed up for the study.

I've been finding chunks of life unbloggable lately. Annoying.

Last night The Alpha and I went out for a thankful-we're-still-employed dinner. (Nothing fancy, but I did make sure mine included some salt around the rim of a nice big glass.) The Alpha worked a 13+ hour day on Friday, so dinner didn't really happen Friday night. My day was odd, too: my work environment now includes fewer people. *sigh.*

We walked the dogs both days this weekend. Tuesday seems destined to be tubby. She's energetic, but shaped a little differently. The balance between keeping her looking trim and keeping her well-fed is a tough one to achieve. (And if she's hungry, she starts eating things she ought not. From the yard. Which she put there herself. Ick.)

The Boy seems destined to be high-energy and rambunctious when it comes to leash behavior. He turns 5 this week. He may act a few years younger. I'm very, very fine with that.

I'm listening to the "adult alternative" channel on our digital cable right now. For various reasons, I've been unaware of a lot of popular music in the last decade or so; this is my feeble effort to catch up. They keep the artist, title, album, and year of issue on-screen the entire time the song is playing, so if I want to know, I can.

Family of origin issues. I has them. Just sayin'. (See paragraph 2.)

Had some phone time with wonderful niece today. Her long-time BF (there's an engagement in the near future) is doing serious job-hunting in the town where she's doing her graduate studies. I hope he lands something soon. I hope they can come visit us for a weekend this summer. I hope they can move within 15 minutes of us when she gets her Ph.D. But I'll start with the first hope, please.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mind grapes in action.

I haven't been a big TV viewer in recent years, but now and then something special comes along. So, I feel I must offer the following:

I do not want to wear a Slanket.

But I have been known to work on some Night Cheese.

And both extremely scientific quizzes I took tonight agreed that indeed, I am that particular 30 Rock character.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tired. Overwhelmed.

Had a lovely time at the BE 2.0. Still sorting out some of it in my head, though.

Glad I didn't take my laptop, but a bit frustrated at all that waited for me upon my return because of that decision.

Look! Group picture.

I wore the same shoes as last year. I'm not one of the more fashion-conscious RevGals.

There's much thinking left to do. For example, we didn't get to be twelve near as much this year. I missed that, and am wondering how to resolve my feelings about it. But first, shut off the computer. And head to bed. And pay some more attention to my husband and dogs on the way there.

The Boy had a seizure this morning. I'm concerned about this event from a variety of angles. But he seems fine now. I also feel silly for bringing up my dog's seizure because I have a friend whose toddler is having seizures, and that has to be much worse.

Pray for Mid-Life Rookie and her neighborhood, please.

Pondering, praying, fighting fatigue.
Good night.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready to BE

Before I leave for the Big Event 2.0:

Work a big full day
Print boarding pass
Finish swag bag items
Clean out some email inboxes
Skip the usual Wednesday rehearsals
Quality time with The Alpha and dogs

While I'm gone:

Bask in the company of friends
Mark the anniversary
Avoid teh Internets, even though there is high-speed Internets there (not taking my laptop will help a great deal)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Because MS really sucks.

It's been almost 13 years since my sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It's been about 8 years now since one of my dearest friends from college received her diagnosis, too.

MS is unpredictable, and affects different people in different ways. We're grateful that my friend is doing well and still able to work as a cytogenetic research assistant. My sister is disabled, though, and since November of last year she's been confined to a wheelchair.

The Alpha, super guy that he is, will be riding the MS 150 this year for a second time, in honor of these two women. He's not one of these folks that's into cycling; he's into this particular cause. Two years ago, as he prepared for his first ride, I didn't understand how big a deal it was to ride 150 miles on a full-suspension mountain bike. Then I saw him up against all the people with street bikes. He has a more road-friendly model this year, but he still kept his goal of not spending a lot on equipment, in favor of using the money toward fighting the disease.

Will you help? His fundraising page is here.

Together, we can move forward and make a difference.