Friday, November 21, 2008

Blog Gender Analyzer

According to, there's a 61% chance that my blog is written by a man.

Funny, as the only "man" who has blogged here has been The Boy.

Maybe it's because I don't like to shop? I do like to think that I defy certain gender stereotypes, but then there are moments when I utter phrases such as "I found it on the clearance rack," or "I just love that shampoo," or even "It's been too long since I've exfoliated."

On the other side of it, when my sis-in-law complained about the hot glue gun ruining her manicure before nephew's wedding a couple of weeks back, I replied with, "Easy solution: Don't get a manicure and it won't get ruined."

I'm thinking I'll publish this post and see what it does to my gender percentage. But before I go: pretty dresses, lace, dolls, frills, pink, really pink, cuteness, pedicure, shopping, shopping, clothes, heels, candles, baking, chick flick, purse, makeup.

Updated to add: Ha! This post brought it down to 56% likelihood of being written by a man. Stereotypes are interesting.


molly said...

Fascinating. My blog is 52% likely written by a man; my church blog is 66% likely written by a man. And, the blog I keep up for our family house-building proget is 80% likely written by a women.

I'd have guessed all the building words would be more manly.

Stereotypes are, indeed, interesting!

Kathy said...

If it makes you feel any better, they determined that my blog is 66% likely written by a man. And since I have sons, I don't get much opportunity to write about lace and dolls!

RevAnne said...

And I quote, "it is quite gender neutral".
And I'm as likely to write about baking and puppies as I am about anything else.

Michelle said...

Here are some words for your gender study...

cried all night

hoping he calls

can't decide what to do

used my pink hammer - oh wait, you have one of those don't you? :P

DogBlogger said...

Ha! Thanks for those, Michelle! (And, for the record, my hammer is red...)

Ms. Givings said...

All Hail the Great Gender Bias.

Eric Folkerth said...

My blog is 89 percent likely to have been written by a man.

That's disappointingly high...I was hoping to throw a wrench in it the other gender-direction.

But I guess I don't help things by using phrases like "throw a wrench..."