Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dots of the weekend

  • Halloween night was The Alpha's time to shine. He dressed as a gravedigger to go with the cemetery theme of the front yard, and had a ball freaking out trick-or-treaters. I wish I had video, but it was too dark. Photo at right was taken at dusk, which allowed for clarity, but doesn't convey the full effect. (Click to enlarge.)
  • The Boy is still learning to cope with new dog Tuesday's presence. Slowly, but surely. (He has no choice.)
  • Concert went pretty well. Within the band, we noticed every single mistake, but it was obvious that others didn't. And from what I've gathered, my rendition of "Shut Up and Kiss Me" while flirting with The Alpha (strategically positioned in the front row) was a crowd favorite.
  • At least two people who attended the concert because they saw our neighborhood publicity also came to worship with us the next morning. Outreach goal accomplished!
  • My sister is still in the hospital. It's Day 13. She had a setback on Day 11. My other two siblings have yet to visit her, and one has yet to even call her (they live 20 minutes and 1 hour away by car, respectively, as opposed to my five hours). I left Sibling #2 a message giving him the hospital room phone number yesterday. I wonder if either of them reads this blog? I'm easily Googled.
  • Our oldest nephew is getting married this weekend. I hope my sister can get wheeled out of the hospital for it, even for just a couple of hours. (And maybe the numbskulls will finally realize what MS does if they see her when she's not in a "but you don't look sick" stage.)
  • We're still mystified as to why Tuesday's former owner let go of her. (Death? Foreclosure? I half-wish somebody had left a note...) She's well-trained, and has obviously been well-loved: we had to manage her expectation that she would be allowed to sleep on our bed, for starters. And last night, when I got the box of Frosty Paws out of the freezer for the first time since she's lived here, it was clear from her reaction that she knew what they were and she'd had them before.
  • (This just in...) I like parentheses.


Songbird said...

(Me, too.)
I'm so glad Tuesday found her way to you.

RevAnne said...


btw, word verification is schilmmy. Looks funny.

SpookyRach said...

Love the photo! Wish we could've come to your house to play - it looks like a fun time! ha ha!

The T.T.O.J. is always available for help with family problems. Vroom! Vroom!

We really needs some sort of bat-signal for that thing...

DogBlogger said...

So, Rach, can you get the TTOJ to me in time for our Friday morning departure from Texas?