Thursday, November 13, 2008

Always just a bit behind.

I did most of my Day 1 Disciple reading yesterday, but haven't done any of today's, and I'm about to go to bed without doing it. I feel very little remorse over this fact.

Today I called to make an appointment at the place where I have a monthly massage membership, and discovered I've stacked up five pre-paid massages that need to be used. Apparently, I find it very inconvenient to be good to myself.

There's been a hole in the sleeve of my leather jacket for more than two years now. No point at all in getting a new jacket, and I saved the piece that tore off, but have I taken the durn in for repair? Nope. Maybe tomorrow.

I really need to select a couple of Advent- or Christmas-themed lead vocal options for a certain Sunday a month from now in which worship is all music, no preaching. Have I listened to anything new, or even anything old, in the Christmas department? Nope. I think I'm in some sort of denial about what month is next.

But hey! My sister is supposed to get to go home tomorrow! She's been in the hospital three and a half weeks. (Stupid MS.)

And I'm sure there's something else about which to blog, but it'll come to mind a bit behind the other stuff, I'm sure.


the reverend mommy said...

sometimes you can look at things from a different perspective, from behind. see things you normally can't see.


Songbird said...

My Advent denial has been similar. I finally made some plans last night. There is hope!
Glad to hear your sister is coming home.

RevAnne said...

Yay for your sister...
Take advantage of those massages!
And grace to you!

Michelle said...

I'm glad your sister is going to get to come home. I hope all your family members that are close remember to keep pampering her.