Monday, November 10, 2008

Clump o' updates

The wedding went well and was lovely (remember working in a flower shop? yeah, we need you to tie some bows and hot-glue some stuff); the sister is still in the hospital, but we got her out on a 3-hour pass to see nephew get hitched; I passed the time with her Friday afternoon, including being the only non-wheelchair-bound person participating in the physical therapy class; niece was a gorgeous bridesmaid, and it was very nice to spend some extra time with her and not-yet-officially-future-nephew-in-law; met my maid of honor's fiance, and am now looking forward to being in that wedding; came home to two happy dogs, one of whom seems to have gained some weight (eating bunnies?); had a computer breakdown at home, days before departure, and am blogging on an 8-year-old laptop that has no business still working and is starting to smell like it's getting a little too hot, so I'd better wrap this up.

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