Monday, September 29, 2008

The Boy: A post-bath interview

Typist: So, you had a big night, did you?

Boy (file photo at right): Um, yeah. I liked the walk part better than the bath part.

Typist: Any idea why you get so smelly and oily?

Boy: Um... well, it is my way. It's what I do.

Typist: Thought about maybe not rolling in stuff in the yard?

Boy: Hey! I don't roll in stuff!

Typist: Really?

Boy: Um, not that much stuff, anyway.

Typist: We're supposed to have company this Friday night. They haven't seen you in years. Think you can stay clean until then?

Boy: Um...

Typist: Because we will give you another bath if you need one.

Boy: Umm... I love you?

Typist: Nice try. I love you, too. Now, try stay clean! Or at least a little less dirty.

Boy: Hey! Look! A toy!


zorra said...

Dear The Boy,
Is anything worse than having a bath? I had one yesterday too and it was terrible!
Come see me!!

ElastiGirl said...

Dear The Boy -
at least your typist loves you enough to give you a bath at home! we have to go to a purty smelling place where we get baths and clipped *shudder* - the even put bandannas on us... we are oppressed.
we also like to roll in smelly stuff in the yard...
Johann & Genevieve

Songbird said...


Kathryn said...

They did it to me on Sunday...What's with these biped forms of torture?
I only found a very fresh cowpat. It was scrummy,- but the vicar went all squealy and said I couldn't come into the house till I'd washed.
And it was horrible.
Should we stage a demo, do you think?
Licks from Libby

Ken Lowery said...

Oh, Beavis. Maybe nachos will settle him down... but no rolling around in them!

Michelle said...

Tux hasn't had a bath in weeks. He's smelly and he likes it. Once, he and Lady went on an *asscape* and they rolled in the Wilson Park Creek. They totally smelled like sewer. The animal control guy that found them said Tux was the smelliest dog he had ever caught. 3 baths in that day.

Of course, Lady once rolled in a cow patty and then came to wag about it. And we were an hour away from home in our brand new Honda CRV. That was a heck of a bath.

I bet you only had a regular bath.

Patrick Moore said...

Dear The Boy,

Jesus said all you need after "the bath" is to get your paws washed once in awhile. Tell The Typist to read her bible! Peace, Patrick

SpookyRach said...

You go, boy!

LawAndGospel said...

Boy, could you tell Buddy that the bath was not so bad after all? He really needs some moral support for his.

John said...

I'm impressed that you held his attention for so long.

Rev Kim said...

Dear The Boy,

I also had to have a bath this week, because apparently I came back from puppy camp, after my people had been away for the day, with dirt on me. I'm a cow dog. Aren't I supposed to have dirt on me? And I'd just had my fall cleaning, so you'd think that would be enough. And rolling in stuff in the yard is the best.

Newman the Catahoula