Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is it Halloween yet?

(This post is dedicated to SpookyRach. Because we know she'll love it.)

Those of you who know The Alpha know that his favorite time of year is Halloween.

Some of you have been to our Stately Manor and heard the tale of the dead Baptist preacher haunting The Alpha's closet.

Usually Dead Preacher just stinks up the place with his cologne (I mean, come on, it's been at least 9 years since cologne was used in that location! The Alpha doesn't play like that. He smells like soap). But recently, we noticed our buddy Dead Preacher got a little more active.

You see, it's getting close enough to Halloween now that The Alpha has begun considering ideas for haunting our front yard. Usually we're doing something at church on the big night so we don't decorate much at home. But this year, with the move to the new building in the mix, the church is taking a year off from such festivities. Which means home-haunting is on.

So The Alpha went digging around in his closet (Dead Preacher's closet) last week looking for his creepy sound effects CDs. He couldn't find his favorite one. When he asked me about it, I pulled one out of the rack on the computer desk. "That's not the really scary one. I can't find the best one." But he took that CD, stored it in his closet with the other Halloweeny CDs that he'd located, and continued to look for the missing CD.

Days passed.

One evening The Alpha walks into the living room.

"Where did you find this?" he asks me, holding up the heretofore missing CD.

"I didn't," says I. "Where'd you find it?"

"On the shelf of the closet, right next to the other ones."


It's a likely scenario to think that Dead Preacher wouldn't have been that fond of Halloween while he was on this side of things. So I could get why he might abscond with "Haunted House Horrors" to protect us from de debil and whatnot (seriously, go listen to it). But now, being dead and all, shouldn't he be much more aware of the big picture? Maybe that's why he returned it?

Can ghosts still learn? Broaden their theological horizons? Change their minds?

Or is The Alpha just not very good at finding stuff in his closet?

We may never know the truth. (But the truth is out there.)


Lily said...

Ooooh! Those sounds ARE haunting! I admit I got freaked out listening to them, even though Frodo is here right by my side... YAY FOR HALLOWEEN BEING AROUND THE CORNER!!

SallyHMutant said...

Halloween rules! But surely, just as we don't want the anticipation of Christmas to override the importance of humble gratitude and over-eating on Thanksgiving, we don't want Halloween to steamroller September's Constitution Day and Talk Like A Pirate Day.

DogBlogger said...

True, true. We can't overlook International Talk Like A Pirate Day... less than two weeks away!

SpookyRach said...


So, Denizens of Stately Manor - tell me this Dead Preacher story. I am 'dying' to know.

Questing Parson said...

Can ghosts still learn? Let's hope so.