Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wonder, awe, praise, and paw print

In Bible study tonight, one exercise involved drawing an image of praise -- either something that inspires your worship of God or that you somehow connect with realizing the wonder and awe of God. Most of us drew nature-type things... I had fun with sun, moon, stars, flowers, Denali.

One fellow student, though, drew a paw print. God was the center of the print, and other paw pads were awe, wonder, and praise. She said that dogs are so good at being full of joy, and showing us unconditional love, that they inspire praise in her.

And I told her the name of my blog.


zorra said...

love it

SpookyRach said...


what did she say? (when you told her the name of the blog?)

DogBlogger said...

She didn't really have a chance to say much, Rach -- we had other stuff to cover.

mid-life rookie said...

Glad that activity touched you that way. It was indeed a bright spot.