Friday, October 17, 2008

More trip pics, and some randomness

For some reason, I don't feel like Friday Fiving it today, but I do feel like posting more weekend photos.

Pecans! Zorra sent them home with us. They're from the tree in her backyard.

House! One of the string of places where my family lived before I was born (we were military brats). I found it on the way back from our getaway. When I emailed the pic to my siblings, they weren't sure I'd found the right one... until I sent a shot I took from around the corner and my brother spotted the concrete back porch for which he helped build the forms.

Grave! (Yeah, not everybody would announce that with an exclamation point, but I have a theme going here.) The brother who was born and lost during that time. I'd never had the opportunity to pay a visit. Thankfully, that cemetery is meticulously indexed online, so I knew where to look before I got there. The Alpha marked the GPS coordinates when we found it, too.

I grew up wondering what it would be like to have a brother 10 years older than me. My mother grieved for this child until the day she died. Standing there at his grave, I started having all these space-time continuum thoughts: my other siblings were older, so their existence did not depend on his death. But my existence just might've. Had he not died, I might not have been. Odd to consider. (But then, I loved Quantum Leap. Except for the last episode -- I'm still angry about that one.)

There are two digits missing on the birth year. On some of the grave markers near his, the metal plate was missing entirely. When I saw those markers before spotting his, I worried. Makes me want to go out there with glue or cement or something and patch up all the loose ones.

The Boy! When I saw him all curled up and looking so picturesque at the foot of the bed in our B&B cabin, I had to take a picture, didn't I?

Randomness! Jolene, the black lab who is bigger than Frodo, is coming to stay for the weekend.

Remembrance! It's been six months today.

Happy pic! The Boy, cooling off after a morning romp around the B&B ranch.


Zen Otter said...

Six months already. Wow. I still miss her too. :-(

Michelle said...

He looks so cute all curled up at the foot of the bed. He totally looks like he belongs with all the decor.

Bet you did have some wild thoughts at the cemetary. I have those thoughts too. You know my mom had 2 miscarriages before me and Lane? They were pretty far along too.

It still hurts to thing about Lady, but it's not so raw. It's been almost exactly 10 months. The first time Lady died (still crazy), I just kept thinking about how she only had a second chance because we picked her up. And that made it easier 6 years later when she really died. Cub was so super lucky that you guys found her, and so were you.


zorra said...

Just got back from our own R & R weekend-will post pics later.

the reverend mommy said...

Maybe the urge to fix up the gravestones is related to the semi-anniversary.

Hugs to Dogblogger.

SpookyRach said...

Lots of memories in that trip...

Gracebythesea said...

Love your down-home comfy,easy natural comments about life. makes me want to be home more a good way!