Monday, October 27, 2008

Whoohoo! Got my Goat!

This is shaping up to be a great birthdayfest. It kicked off with a dog -- who, by the way, loves The Alpha best... but he is The Alpha, after all. The Birthday Dog is the happy one, obviously. (The Dog Who Is Wondering What Happened to his Perfect World is on the right.)

Then today, I got a really nice card from my in-laws.

Guess what will fit in a birthday card?

A goat will fit in a birthday card! My wonderful husband's wonderful parents got my goat! I have wanted a goat just like this one for years. I got it! I got my goat!!!!

And tomorrow, The Actual Day, I get cake for breakfast. The Wonderful Alpha is frosting it right now. Scratch that. The Wonderful Alpha just finished frosting it, and brought me the pan to lick!


Songbird said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Tuesday looks SOOOO happy!!!
(And the comment verification, I kid you not, is "nesting.")

RevAnne said...

Happy Birthday! (imagine me saying that in my best Frosty the Snowman voice)
She does look like a happy girl!

zorra said...

Happy Birthday!!
The picture is hilarious.
Last year my best present was from one of my coworkers, who gave me a flock of ducks!

jnors said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you got your goat. May it not eat your coat! (or anyone else's)


Deb said...

Tuesday looks like she's telling a joke, and The Boy isn't getting the punch line. I think they'll pal around eventually. At least dogs don't seem to do the territorial nasty's that cats do. We are still negotiating peace treaties and it's been several months.

I'm glad she has a new home, a loving family and even a canine pal.

Happy Birthday, Tuesday!

and katz who are napping at the moment...

babydogbandy said...

Happy Birthday! And if you give up your day job, you can take up photography with your knack for capturing doggie emotions on film!

1-4 Grace said...

I want somebody to get my goat on my birthday in a monht and a half.
1-4 G
Welcome Tuesday!
We hope you will begin to post soon and be a petpal with us.
Mel and Mugs of the MEOW blog

Diane said...

Happy happy happy happy birthday!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh my lovely friend, I'm sorry I was away and missed your birthday but thrilled that there is so much to celebrate. Hope the day itself was really happy...and perhaps our goats are grazing side by side, as I received one at Christmas last year.
Belated birthday hugs and blessings xxx