Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday on Thursday

Tuesday is what they've been calling the test-drive dog at the vet's office. They arrived one Tuesday in July to find her tied to a bench outside. I met her last Tuesday, The Alpha met her last Friday, and The Boy met her this Tuesday. They gave her a bath on Wednesday so she'll be all ready for The Alpha to come pick her up today -- Thursday.

So when I get home this evening, there will be two dogs here. Yes, at some point, I'll post a picture. (But you're all going to think she's Cub, back from the dead. The resemblance is uncanny.)


Kathryn said...

Will you cope with teh resemblance?
Hugs and pats in equal measure

Songbird said...

Thinking of you on Thursday night!

Michelle said...

Her face is way different than Cub's. I mean, you can tell she's of similar dogginess, but she's different for sure. She seems a little shorter too?