Sunday, August 10, 2008

Guest Blogger: The Boy

Hey! It's me, The Boy. The thumb-havers also call me Angus, and 'GooseBoy, and other stuff. But I always know they mean me. 'Cause I'm pretty smart most of the time. Except I'm still not smart enough to have my own blog. But that's okay. I'm awful busy already.

My pal Frodo came over to visit twice in one week. They were out of cold air at his house. He brought one of his thumb-havers and they spent the night! He came right at bedtime and they wouldn't let us play for long enough! We ran around for a while, then they made us go to bed. And then in the morning we got up and ran around again! And he stayed all day with me in the yard! And we ran around there, too! The Typist calls him my FroBro. I like my FroBro.

And then, they came over again one night, but they didn't sleep here. But we played tug games with the moose, or the reindeer, or whatever it is. And even though Frodo outweighs me by 27 pounds, I won a lot. That's just the kind of dog he is. Here we are playing:

The Typist says it's good that I have such an easy-going friend. Because Winston the chihuahua came over that same night, and he's not friendly at all, even when he's on tranquilizers. I don't know what they are, but he was on 'em. And I couldn't see 'em, but I know they're slippery because he fell down right when he got here. And he still didn't want to play. So he sat in Jessica's lap while I played with Frodo and Frodo played with me and we both played with the moose or the reindeer or whatever it is and we had a good time.


Songbird said...

It sounds like lots of fun!

God_Guurrlll said...


Will you let the typist know that I miss her too.

SpookyRach said...

"Winston the chihuahua came over that same night, and he's not friendly at all, even when he's on tranquilizers."

That cracks me UP!!

zorra said...

Yeah, my sister took medicine to make her friendlier, but it didn't make her any friendlier toward me. (Mama says that went both ways, and it takes two, but I don't know what she's talking about.)I'm glad you and your friend had fun!


Diane said...

out of cold air! Oh noooo!

what fun you had with Frodo.