Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Cow for the Cattle Dog

My resistance to dog-related items is really low this week. (Thankfully, we get a new week tomorrow!)

So, our Australian Cattle Dog has an Australia cap, and as of tonight, he has one head of Cattle:

It's an all cotton, all natural, hippie dog toy, supposedly made by people who get paid a fair wage. (We messed up and forgot to tell the checker we didn't need a plastic bag for our one item, though, so we probably negated all the social-consciousness benefit right there.)

I still haven't done much with the socially-conscious yarn I bought in New Orleans before the RGBP Big Event set sail. I've cast it onto needles of various sizes just to play with it, but I'm still not sure what I want to make.


Songbird said...

Are you slowly working up to a herd? ;-)

Kathryn said...

I love it!
Ethical dog toys :-)
Libby's come from charity shops, so have a fair degree of social conscience too, I trust.
Also deeply grateful to you for link to the socially conscious wool - I used my Quarter Stitch wool pretty speedily, and there's nothing at all inspiring in these parts but the knitting bug may just have bitten me...and there are some easy patterns over on that site ...AND they do mail order.
Happy noises waft across teh Pond. Thank you, my very dear dogblogger :-) xxx

RevAnne said...

How fun is that!
The WonderMutt, while skilled at running off elephants, rhinoceri, and wildebeests, is afraid of toys that squeak, chirp, or otherwise make the kinds of noise that doesn't phase The Boy one bit.
Glad you're all having a good time!

zorra said...

Looks like he loves it!
I don't buy cloth toys because Zorra always tore them to smithereens, and Amie has no interest in them. They are cute, though.