Thursday, August 7, 2008

RevGals Meetup

As soon as Rach blogged, "Anybody besides me going to be in Dallas during the first week of August?" several of us chimed right in and started organizing a meet-up. Actually, it was more of a meet-up and eat-up, for yea, verily, we did feast on contemporary Indian cuisine.

Here we are Tuesday night (anonymous bloggers in traditional poses):

(Not shown: My The Alpha, and Mid-Life Rookie's Gifted & Talented, who came along to eat yummy food and listen to us ladies carry on for about 3 hours. And who took our picture.)

If all went according to plan, Rach is back home now, and Mary Beth is at her second meetup of the week (which I just found out hasn't gone according to plan... flight delays). Busy RevGals are we.

Thanks for a lovely evening, y'all!


zorra said...

Hugs!!! Hugs to all!!! I wanna be there next time!!!

Quotidian Grace said...

Me, too!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Me Three!!

Anonymous said...

i love the reference to North Hell in some of the follow-up stuff!

Rev Honey said...

How good to see some familiar faces and backsides too!

peace and love to y'all!

will smama said...

Okay, it actually physically hurts me that I was not there :(

Glad you all had a blast!

Anonymous said...

very cool.

SpookyRach said...

All did indeed go according to plan. Thanks for a really, reeeeaaaally wonderful time.

I'm really glad Alpha and G&T came along. They were a lot of fun. (I'm thinking the Alpha and I might have been separated at birth.)

And the food was really good too!