Sunday, August 24, 2008

A new low

I had a lapse in judgment earlier this evening.

"Clearance" stickers occasionally have that effect.

I bought The Boy a hat.

It's basically a trucker cap for a dog. I realize this does not make it any better.

Because I'm trying to convince myself to return it, I haven't cut off the tag. So, from different angles, he looks like both a long-haul trucker and Minnie Pearl.

It's an Australia cap, see? And he's an Australian Cattle Dog. Get it?

And down by the kangaroo foot it reads, "Let me outback."

Get it?

Yes, this is bad.

He really wears it rather well. Except when he shakes himself from tip to tail, as he is wont to do several times an hour, the cap slides off his ears and winds up under his chin.

Just so you know, I did not stoop to buying the matching shirt. Because my rule is that dog accessories are okay, but dog clothing is not. Cap = accessory. Still, I realize I'm skirting the edge here.

There was a cap for German dogs, too. I don't have a German dog anymore. I think this fact contributed to my lapse.

I'm just sayin'.


zorra said...

Uh...yeah. Definitely skirting the edge.
There's an appalling little shop not far from here where one can buy sundresses, bathrobes, and tutus for one's small dog.

Songbird said...

Sweet thing. You, I mean. The Boy looks cute, though.

TN Rambler said...

Well, I guess as long as The Boy isn't embarrassed...

RevAnne said...

I'd "tsk" but I'm occasionally tempted to do the same thing. The WonderMutt's little domed head won't take a hat though. I leave it to you to determine how I know that.
He does look pretty cute. Good call on skipping the t-shirt.

Andy said...

Oh please...not a skirt.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have laughed and laughed! He looks like he likes to pose!

Ginger Bean and I want to come play with the Boy! Well, she is taking a nap right now.

Anonymous said...

i think he looks rather dapper in the hat!! but the bitchin' bichon does like to wear clothes, so my opinion may be stilted!!

Rev.Dulce said...

I can't take you to task for doing this because, unfortunately, I have also bought a hat for one of my "babies".

We all have brain spasms once in a while.

RevDrKate said...

Well I did hear that dog'g noses can get sunburned...can we justify the hat as sun protection? He does look cute at any rate!

SpookyRach said...

Well, it is a low, but it's a damned funny low. I like it!

Diane said...

I think he's doing pretty well, considering. And he looks fine in it.

keep the hat.

and hug the Boy for me.

Art said...

I think it's cute. A matching sweater vest would be going too far though;)

EmJayDee said...

Hope the boy was proud of his nation's showing in the Olympics :-)
Interesting range of jobs. I was so proud of my son when he quit a telemarketing job because he was not only selling crap at ridiculous prices, but was being asked to manipulate people to buy it.

Auntie Knickers said...

Oh, fer cute!