Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harvest update, window dog, and saying no

Whoo-hoo! New camera! No more pink streaks through our photos.

Yesterday, we had a first in our gardening: we picked some tomatoes before they got eaten by birds or squirrels (we're not sure which, but they've gotten several).

And today, another first: Beans! See, we took some beans from our bag of dried beans that we use to make black bean burritos, and we put them in the ground, and we already have more beans than we put in the ground!

We just let 'em dry on the vine, then shelled them for storage. So far we have something like 30 beans. Not much, no, but we aren't finished yet. This is way too exciting. Farmers everywhere would get a good laugh out of the likes of us.

You may have noticed the okra. It's now officially old news. I'm glad The Alpha has finally developed a taste for the stuff, because it's plentiful. I saw ants on one of the plants today, though. Ants... on... plants... not good. Last time, they stole our corn.

And we're not even going to talk about the cantaloupe catastrophe. No, we aren't. Instead, here's a nice early-morning picture of The Boy at his post in the dining room:

He's a good 'un. On tonight's walk, he was actually complimented for his good behavior -- twice -- and for his good looks, too.

In a completely random change of subject, I've been thinking lately about how hard it is to say no to the good things that come your way at the wrong time, or just when there's no room in your life. (Mid-Life Rookie? Will Smama? Thanks for putting the situation into words.) But I'm learning to do it.

In fact, I just took a break from writing this post and sent the e-mail declining to serve on a committee that I really would've enjoyed -- if I actually had the time to show up for it. A few months ago, similar situation: I declined to serve as chairperson of another group I work with. And just a couple of months ago, I declined something exciting but unbloggable. And you know what? Life is still good after having said no.

I'm just sayin'.


ElastiGirl said...

look at your harvest - so exciting!! and so yummy looking!! the teen has only had one jalepeno so far - but it was really good

Songbird said...

It's good to trust those instincts about saying "no." Go, you!

redzils said...

What a great dog! And all your food looks yummy too.

RevAnne said...

Great looking harvest...but you've learned why I didn't plant okra. Eventually, it's enough.
Great dog (of course).
And good for you for saying no. I'm learning to.