Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Corn harvest update

Tonight was our second night of eating corn from our own garden (click for close-up):

And yes, it was yummy again!

Today was also when we got our first big gardening disappointment. See this pretty, pretty ear of corn?

Looks pretty sweet, doesn't it? You could really enjoy getting stuff stuck between your teeth if you were feasting on corn such as this fine specimen.


...look at the other side of it.

Ants did this. ANTS. They ate the shuck, then got all into the kernels and ate those, too.

There's nothing in the book about how to keep ants away from your corn (we are suburbanites, not farmers). We have the anti-bunny fencing, which seems to have worked so far. (Either that, or The Boy is eating all the bunnies on their approach... and if that's the case, we just don't want to know.) We wouldn't really mind if a crow got our corn... after all, we are scarecrowless.

But tonight we were forced to take anti-ant measures. Our first tactic is to attract the ants to something else besides the corn (and that something else happens to include borax). Hopefully, this move will save the rest of our meager harvest.

And, coming next: cucumbers and squash!


Lily said...

Bummer about the ants, but the *good* side looks GREAT! Hope the squash & cucumber come in nicely. Mmm, squash!~

Songbird said...

Gosh, your own corn!

Singing Owl said...

Man! We are soooooooo far yet from having local veggies up this way. I love corn! Sorry about the ants.

Gator World!! said...

Wow, you have some hungry ants.

RevAnne said...

I hadn't even thought about ants!
I should have squash and zucchini starting when I get home from NJ--Looking forward to it!
(and trying not to be jealous of your corn!)

zorra said...

Enjoy the squash this year. By this time next year, the squash borers will have found your yard, and goodbye squash.

The Voice of Experience

SpookyRach said...

Sooo cool! Don't have any good suggestions for the ants. They are smart little buggers for sure.

I've been a lazy farmer for the last few years, so I moved to container gardening this year, instead of feeling guilty about not weeding. So far, I'm not impressed.