Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meetups and mini-farming

Just a very quick entry this morning... Zorra asked if there were pictures from this weekend's meetup; no, there aren't, but we did have a nice time! Missed having Mary Beth here, though.

One fellow RevGal blogger who shall remain anonymous went out for a look at our garden, and confirmed that yes, some of the corn was nearly ready to harvest. And yesterday, The Alpha harvested two cobs and cooked them for supper! We ate corn that we grew! Here in suburbia! And it tasted great!

I'm sure we'll harvest another couple of cobs for supper today. I'll try to remember to photograph the momentous event.


RevAnne said...

Does Angus like corn? As a teenager, I remember buying corn from a farmstand in the city (grandfathered in and kind of a novelty).
They had a black lab namend Princess who would choose her own ear of corn, shuck it, and then eat it off the cob.
Hope yours continues to be great!

Lily said...

Hoorah on the harvest! Congrats.

jnors said...

During our quick stop in little A. town, home of Willie Nelson, I got a corn lesson from Grandpa--serious corn farmer-type person. He has corn growing as high as his ceiling. The silks are first, and they have to receive pollen from the tassle on the plant, or there will not be a kernal for that silk. The pollen is spread by wind. Fun fact! I'm sure they think my wonderment at such farm facts is hysterical. When I first became part of the family, I was certain that farm animal babies were only born in spring. They are not. Oops.

zorra said...

My SIL used to have a basset hound named Rosebud who enjoyed "harvesting" tomatoes from the vine. She ate them, too!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

DogBlogger said...

Hi Anne -- Yes, Angus likes corn, and Cub did, too. I think I have some still shots somewhere of them eating it off the cob (I know I do of Cub). But alas, no video. Also, you have to hold both ends of the cob to avoid someone chomping a big chunk off the end and waiting until the middle of the night to throw it up for you!