Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Boy Goes to The P.O.

Hi, it's me, The Boy.


Remember now?

Okay, then.

Tonight The Alpha and The Typist and I all went on a walk! (sometimes I go running with just The Alpha, no The Typist. The Typist doesn't like running. I like running. Do you?)

And when we got to the Big Street, we crossed it! And we went to this place. And The Typist was carrying a box -- I wasn't really noticing that when we left the house because I was busy screaming about getting to go on a walk -- and inside this place, The Alpha pulled this handle and this big thing opened up its mouth and The Typist put the box in there. And she said something about dogs not being allowed in the Post Office but I don't know what she was talking about.

And then we went on more walk. And now we're home.

I'm going to get more water now.


Songbird said...

Dear The Boy,
Yesterday I walked across big streets with my Papa Bear and my Mama. I am big and people say I look like a bear, so my Mama likes to call my Papa a Papa Bear.
We went across the big streets and my Papa Bear and I went to a bench while my Mama went in a place and came out with nothing, then we walked around by the water, and then back to the place and she came out with a little bag. I think we were shopping! Do you go shopping?
A baby person looked at me, but I stayed by the bench. Then a big person petted me and said I was good-looking. That was a smart person.
Molly was busy getting beauty rest, so she stayed home.
Your friend,

SpookyRach said...


Fun walk, boy. Good times!

Mary Beth said...

Dear The Boy,

I love to SCREAM when I go for walks! Josie just trots along all prissy, but I make this noise, "WOODLE EEEDLE WOODLE WOOOW!" I am very small and white (you remember) and look like a Tribble, so the last time I did that to somebody (a man person) he was kind of scared and made a funny face. It made my mom laugh.

My mom doesn't like running. She likes to think about doing it, but when it comes to doing it...nah. I like to run for just a SHORT little bit. My legs are small.


zorra said...

Dear The Boy,

When I was younger I used to hee-haw when we were going for a walk! EEEAaahhh! Mama and Daddy laughed a lot but I didn't care, I was just happy. I have grown quieter in my old age but I still love to go for a walk!

I do NOT usually run. But one day I was out in the utility easement with my Daddy and he had taken me off the leash (he used to do that when Mama wasn't around) and I saw a cat!! I can still sprint pretty fast if I need to! The cat got away, though. Do you like to chase cats?

Your friend,

Gator World!! said...

Dear The Boy,
I went to my Momdy's house a few weekends ago, and I had the best time. I got to see Momdy, and Great Mama, and Great Daddy, and Uncle Bear. It was great. There was this black dog in the yard across from Momdy's and at first he was not nice, but then he was nice. His name is Midnight. He barked at me, and then I barked back and I said "Hey Mister!!! You don't even know me. Don't go off being a jerk and we just met." Sheesh men! I showed him. I may be short but I put him in his place. Well, ok he never actually left his place, but if he had of then I would have re-put him in his place.
Love bunches and big sloppy puppy dog kisses,

Dixie Dog

Tiria the Shadow Princess said...

Hello The Boy...
I don't get why Hoomans do strange things like that. I'm not much for walks. I like to go couch. But things that go in boxes and then are gone? That's a little scary. Like Teh Ev-Vay. You Know.

But I read the other post that you got mail! That's cool. I got a letter once. It offered me a timeshare. Dunno what that is, but Giver of Greenies laffed.

Timeshare. As if.

The Shadow Princess