Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pitfalls of pretending to farm

Sometimes you get more disappointed than expected when the corn is finished, and half of it got ruined by stupid ants who ate corn that wasn't theirs, and this worm:

While we are normally not advocates of capital punishment, we did try offering the worm to The Boy to eat. After a tasting that resulted in the demise of the worm, he ultimately declined. (I suppose I should point out for new readers that The Boy is one canis familiaris, not a humanoid. He licks himself. He swallows bunnies whole. Eating a worm is not really much of a stretch.)

Not all is lost, though. We did have perhaps half a dozen good cobs of corn (have eaten four so far, and some more await in the fridge), and look what we spied this afternoon:

A cantaloupe-to-be:

A cucumber (which The Alpha says is all prickly! maybe that will keep the pests away):

Two ProtoMatoes:

And here's one of several currently teeny squash!

(If you have any tricks for keeping bugs from eating all of these goodies, let us know in the comments. We're new at this.)

That concludes the Farm Report. Back to you, Internet.


Songbird said...

I believe the squash will outlast all bugs, until you have to sneak up to neighbors' houses and surreptitiously leave them "presents."
It looks like fun.

SpookyRach said...

I'm jealous!!!! All I have are a few blooms...

Deb said...

Teh @#% squirrels are EATING MY 'MATERS!!!! THey pull them off JUST as they are turning color, then leave them on the ground with little toofer marks in them!!!

I have tried spraying with pepper spray.

I have tried nylon mesh netting.

I am about to get a blowgun.

GRrrrr. I am jealous.


Questing Parson said...

The best way is to combat the pest problem is to sit in the middle of the garden and every time you see one of those bugs crawl up on a plant you jump up and yell, "Hey, cut that out!"