Sunday, July 13, 2008

In Which Jack came over to play

I think our digital camera is really on its way out sooner rather than later. This photo was one of three that I had to coax it to take, and sadly, it's the best one I could get with both dogs visible. You see, The Boy met a great new friend today -- Jack, a 16-pound terrier-beagle mix, who is absolutely adorable. And the two of them played very well, and we hope to find a time when they can romp around together again soon.

They had a grand and wonderful time.

They sniffed and jumped and rolled and sniffed and play-postured and chased and sniffed.

But you wouldn't necessarily guess that from this picture:

They were actually playing beautifully at the time this photo was taken. It just so happens that the very, very delayed shutter on the soon-to-be-ex-camera caught my sweet little The Boy in a most unflattering moment. And the red-eye problem doesn't help, either.

So, here's a quick and grainy video I took immediately after that shot to prove that yes, they really were having a blast.


Zen Otter said...

I still have my old camera that works fairly well... it's split at the top so runs a tiny bit more slowly, and it was a little grumpity at times but I'd be happy to bring it over for you to play with, along with the associated extra batteries and chargers, etc. Let me know if you're interested!

mid-life rookie said...

And a good time was had by all! Glad it was a good puppy meet up.

God_Guurrlll said...

Oh so cute. Those doggies look like such good friends especially in the video.

BTW, I was at Elastigirl's blog and listened to your SNL contribution to her caption contest, now I can't get that christmas song out of my head. thanks.

Peace and love,

zorra said...

Now you can get one of those new HP cameras with the "pet-eye" correction.
The picture made me laugh out loud, such a sweet boy in such an unflattering pose.

RevAnne said...

Looks like fun! Glad the Boy and Jack had such a good time!

Diane said...

still, great picture! we just got a new digital and are hoping for good pictures. I loved to see the video!

Identity Mixed said...

The best dog shots are those that look like they are killing each other. Only dog lovers would know that it means they are happy!

concretegodmother said...

whoo! vicious looking! how hilarious! the video made me giggle. i miss good-time doggies like that, and this was fun. sorry 'bout the camera; time for an investment?