Friday, July 4, 2008

Holiday Guest Blogger: The Boy

Hi, it's me. The Boy.

You know what? Last night there were splosions outside. The thumb-havers said something about KaBoom Town, but I didn't care. I don't like splosions. I hid under the bed.

The Alpha and The Typist thought they'd fixed things so I couldn't get under the bed. They keep having to re-fix, though. Because of things like thunder and splosions.

And the electric toothbrush. They say it's not for me, but I won't ever believe that.

I hear there will be a little bit of Coming Over today. And there was some mopping, and The Alpha brought out the growling carpet monster with the headlight. (I don't like it right along with the splosions and the electric toothbrush.)

And I think The Alpha is messing with the grill right now. I like the grill. I like to sniff around under it after they're finished. I like to see if they drop anything meaty.

I hope Winston doesn't Come Over. He's scary. The Typist keeps telling me I'm a Big Brave Dog whenever he comes over, but she is Wrong. She says he's little, and I can take him, but it doesn't matter that he's little. I can't take him.

Maybe Frodo will get to Come Over again soon. I like Frodo. We even rode in the car together to the Dog Park and were nice the whole time.

Hey! The other night we went out for custard. I got a Puppy Cup. It's an off-menu item just for me.

I have to go help with the grill now.


Molly said...

Dear Boy,
I don't like Funder, ever, or Fireworks either!! I hear there are going to be Fireworks tonight, both from the city and from the ballpark.
I am going to put my paws over my ears!!

John said...

Booms are bad! I can't fit under the bed, but I hide under my Packlady when they go off. Long-Eared Puppy doesn't like them either and thumps her hind food. But last year, the booms stopped. Maybe they will again.

-Sunny the Papillon

zorra said...

Dear Boy,

We have so much in common! Thunder is my least favorite thing and I don't like fireworks or the carpet monster either! I have stayed in Daddy's closet a lot lately. Mama worries that I might be sick, but I think it's just because there is too much thunder!

But the grill...mmmm. I don't know why they won't let me help.


Diane said...

Scout hates all the same things you do, Boy! she went to a parade and liked the people and even the music, but then someone did firecrackers! how awaful!

RevAnne said...

The WonderMutt doesn't like thunder or fireworks either--but he likes to hide on the bed...I'm glad it's over!

concretegodmother said...

sorry 'bout the splosions. oldmandog was kinda losing his finer hearing skills, but he still noticed when childmecca splosions started every night at 9:30. if he was concerned, he'd come breathe in my face and wet-nose-snudge me for a pet-and-love. the kitties, though, do run and hide.