Monday, July 21, 2008

Hasty random update

  • Cooked the garden's first mini-mess of corn-meal-coated, pan-fried okra last night. I think it tasted good, but my taste buds are still dulled from the lingering sinus problems.
  • Today's my sister's birthday! I'll have to call and sing.
  • Back to work today after half a week of full-time church-nerdery.
  • The Alpha returned from the mission trip just a few hours after I returned from Jurisdictional Conference. Very good report, the youth had many learning experiences, and The Alpha returned with a couple of interesting souvenirs (I'll provide photos later... maybe after we shop for brand-new digital camera?).
  • Been mistaken for clergy frequently over the past week. It used to rattle me, but now it's just more amusing. Mainly because after years of intense discernment I've concluded I'm not called in that direction. And, thus, not headed in that direction. Besides, the church needs empowered laity. I are one.
  • I feel like there's one more thing that needs to go on this list.
  • Any idea what it is?
  • Okay, I give. I have to leave for work.


Songbird said...

Yes, we do, and yes, you am one. :-)

Mary Beth said...

You certainly am one. From another one.

Blessings and hoping the sinus clears up. A friend gave me a plumeria blossom to wear behind my ear last week...all round me people were commenting on the scent...I could not smell it, not once. :(

SpookyRach said...

love your randomness.

jealous of the ochra.

Gracebythesea said...

Praise Jebus! Lay peole who actually recognize where they're called and feel empowered!
Keep it up!!!

Last thing??? update on corn and ant problem??

DogBlogger said...

GBTSea, about half of the corn crop was lost to ants and that one worm (how did that worm know we had corn? where were his friends?). We will probably be more vigilant about pest control next year. Also, after producing about 20 cucumbers, those plants were overtaken by bacterial wilt. Lesson learned there, too: those cute greenish ladybugs? Aren't. They are cucumber beetles, a.k.a. the enemy.