Thursday, July 16, 2009

Movin' out... of our kitchen.

Nine and a half years after we moved into our house, we decided we're finally ready to overhaul the kitchen. Here are the "before" pictures. I warn you, "before" includes a lot of the "Why keep the kitchen straightened up? We're going to have to clean the whole thing out soon anyway" attitude.

It also contains a bit of "I don't care that they said they can do texture on top of the wallpaper! I can't take the ivy for one more second!" (Yes, it meant more work for me, but it was cathartic.)

The plan is to clean out the whole. stinking. kitchen. this weekend so the work can begin Monday. First on the list: the cabinets will be sprayed white. And not by us. We can paint walls, we can install a light fixture, but we don't trust ourselves with a whole room. And we definitely couldn't get it finished as fast as the pros will. Tuesday they are making templates for the granite. Whatever comes next, we'll take as soon as possible.

Here are our choices for the countertop and backsplash (click the photo and the tiles will appear very close to actual size):

The larger tiles are a bit more of a true gray than they appear in this photo; they match the granite very, very well. The smaller ones will be used as accents at regular intervals along the backsplash, as shown in this mockup, courtesy of The Alpha:

(No, the window area won't really be yellow. It'll be "toasted wheat," which is the same tan we used below the chair rail in the dining room.)

The floor tile is in, but not here yet. It looks like wood planks, and will extend beyond the kitchen to the dining room, front entryway, and laundry room. Appliances will be stainless steel and black.

Earlier in the week we got to go to the granite warehouse and choose our specific material. They lifted it up with a big crane so we could get a good look at the whole piece, then they chipped off a sample so we could take it with us to choose tile. Pretty cool. (Not literally; it was actually very hot in there. This is Dallas in July, after all.)

The big question: Will it be finished in time for Wonderful Niece's visit in two weeks? The contractor is making no promises, but we will at least have the cabinets and countertop handled by then, so there will be something new for her to see.


zorra said...

That is so, so cool. I'll be interested in hearing how the tile that looks like wood works out.
And I know you were sick of the ivy, but they really could have textured and painted over it. I didn't know that until recently. You should have seen what the painters did in my MIL's kitchen when they did that--it looked like a different house.

DogBlogger said...

Yes, I stopped after one wall of ivy removal (but I had to make sure I got rid of it all the way down to the sheetrock). They will hide the rest under the mud.

ElastiGirl said...

this is soooo exciting!! cannot wait to see the finished kitchen. I understand about the wallpaper - had the same explanations given to me once, but it is cleansing on some level to rip it away!!

RevAnne said...

Love the tile and granite, and the idea of a remodel; I've lived in parsonages and rental homes to have too much hope of a kitchen of my own any time soon.