Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doors and hardware

We have our cabinet doors back!

And the hardware installed, for the most part:

The hinges have their own story. They were the third set purchased, because the first two sets wouldn't work, for different reasons. Contractor David had to drive all the way to Ft. Worth to find them. Which he did this afternoon.

And, also today, the vinyl disappeared from our floor! Tile work starts tomorrow.

Newly Engaged Niece arrived today, so I'm taking the rest of the week off work; I will divide my time between avoiding becoming an annoyance to the people working on my kitchen, and girl-centric stuff like going to bridal shops and Ikea and Container Store. (Among other things, I have to find a more stylish dog food bin to go in that pretty new kitchen.)


Michelle said...

Looks really great! I love the cabinet door under the bar. Good idea. Was that there before?

Good luck on the stylish doggy bin thing. That could be tough to find airtight, big enough, and pretty.

Mary Beth said...

So gorgeous! Ken and I were just poring over the pictures getting ideas.


DogBlogger said...

Yes, Michelle, that door was already there, but it's usually a little less obvious because the table is in there, too.

We may buy a stainless steel trash can for the dog food bin -- the kind with the pedal-controlled lid.

DogBlogger said...

Glad you're enjoying the progress, Mary Beth!