Friday, July 31, 2009


There's no grout yet, and the floors of the foyer, dining room, and laundry room are yet to be done to match, but here's the new kitchen floor:

We think the porcelain does a great impression of wood.

Had a great time not being near a computer all day the last two days. We'll see if I repeat the feat tomorrow. Lovely niece and I have been making progress on wedding-related decisions. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie to you. It's great girly fun we're having here.

Rapid subject shift: Backyard farm report. The three of us split Unintentional Cantaloupe #1 this evening, and it was quite good. UC#2 fell off the vine this morning, looking near-perfect, so it's in the fridge now. (The seeds must've come from last year's compost, because we didn't plant any. And dang if they aren't working out better than they did last year, when we tried to grow them on purpose and the birds kept eating them.)


Songbird said...

I like that, Unintentional Cantaloupe. I have Unexpected Apples of Dubious Provenance in my yard.
The floor looks great!

Michelle said...

Love the floor.

revkjarla said...

I love that floor, too. Does it have a special name?

I have no intentional or unintentional fruit in my yard, but the neighbor brought over peaches from his tree. Too bad I am allergic to them. ;-(

DogBlogger said...

Karla, the tiles are made by Interceramic, and they are from the Timberlands collection. This particular color is Nature Valley.

Anonymous said...

never done this but googled porcelain wood tile and saw your blog, can you tell me the brand?? looks great.