Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kitchen progress

There's an echo in the kitchen, but that's about it.

Before you can put in new stuff, you have to take out the old. (Harvest gold appliances will be so in two years from now. We just know it.)

This pendant light is one of the few fixtures that will be the same when we're on the other side of this project:

Goodbye, dark wood. Can't say I'll miss you. The prep work for spraying white oil-based semi-gloss begins tomorrow.

And, just to drive home the point that we have to replace the flooring, our old fridge ripped the vinyl as it left the room (the "tile" markings are about a foot square, for reference):

So far, the dogs are handling change reasonably well. Except for Tuesday seizing an opportunity to eat three-quarters of a pack of Trident this morning, we've had no incidents. They understand that their food station has moved to the wet bar, so they hang out in the den as usual, with the added benefit that it's now closer to the kibble.

(Just so you know, on the floor plan, the contractor actually labeled the built-in unit by the kitchen/living room door "dog buffet." We also keep our china there, but that's secondary, of course.)


zorra said...

That was the old refrigerator's last great act of defiance.

"dog buffet"-love it.

Anonymous said...

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Korean Cowgirl said...

I can't wait to see the finished product!

RevAnne said...

:) Great that the contractor has a sense of humor...or is it priorities?
Looking forward to seeing the "after" pics!

DogBlogger said...

I think it's a little bit of both, RevAnne.

Cherrie and JW (the rescued) said...

Somehow the space always seems so much larger when you get everything out of it! Love the echo factor!! Glad the dogs aren't being traumatized...and that the contractor understands who really runs the household!!

Michelle said...

It's looking great. You've got some nice stuff picked out. Thanks for sharing the pics.