Sunday, June 28, 2009

Farm report: Current totals

Corn: 12 ears harvested (That's more than last year's total yield; unlike last year, ants haven't shown up... yet.)

Cucumbers: 15 harvested (topped out at 20 last year, when The Blight hit)

Squash: 7 harvested, including these three:

As you can see, one was hiding from us under some leaves and got a little too big (click to enlarge the photo if you want to see actual size). We plan to cook it up tomorrow night and see if it affected the taste/texture.

Under produce watch:
A surprise cantaloupe vine has emerged (likely from the compost we made last fall). We originally thought it was a misplaced cucumber, but now it's sporting a 2-inch proto-melon.

Under odd critters watch:

We found this guy (or girl) on a cucumber vine this evening. I suspect he's a pest, and am blaming him for some wilted leaves. Am I on target, anyone?


Joy said...

Your critter is a tomato hornworm. Bad news for tomatoes, but the resulting sphinx moth is quite pretty ;)

Michelle said...

My dad once quished one in Lowe's and pretended to eat it. Very big impact.

DogBlogger said...

We haven't had so much as a blossom on our tomato plants yet. Strange...

Your dad is quite the class act, Michelle! ;-)

RevAnne said...

There are some great pet-safe pesticides...defeats the whole organic thing. We're a little pest-intensive where I am, and I wanted squashes after last year's cutworm debacle so I went the pesticide route.
There's also the option of pulling them off by hand. Eew, but at least you get veggies out of it.

zorra said...

BT is the relatively "green" way to kill caterpillars, including tomato hornworms. Re: the tomato blossoms, down here once it's 80 degrees or higher at night, the tomatoes stop setting fruit, so I guess it's the same where you are--nighttime temperatures aren't usually quite this high in June.

Anonymous said...

mmm... cooked some of those yellow squash for dinner tonight - we have had a few okra also

Korean Cowgirl said...

I am impressed with your green thumb.