Saturday, June 6, 2009


It's been a busy week.

Last Saturday's wedding was lovely, and a certain bridesmaid with a nasty virus managed not to ruin it by fainting (and managed to keep the puke out of the ceremony).

The Alpha drove us home on Sunday. That night he came down with the same bug, only worse. We were both out sick on Monday, and I had to take him to the doc-in-a-box for a shot. Neither of us really got our appetites back until today.

I had a 3-day business trip this week. It was actually kind of helpful not to have an appetite while traveling. Ever frugal, I figured the bright side was that I was saving the company money. It was good to be at the event, see old friends (including one I've known since I was about 4 years old), meet new ones, and watch a certain rookie bishop in action.

And, thanks to the business travel, I can now say I have celebrated Holy Communion with the hermetically-sealed host. I didn't know when I walked into opening worship for this conference that they'd be using them. Apparently they're still really into the flu scare in that part of the state.

You know what went through my mind as a thousand or more of us were communing together by opening up our little single-serving cellophane-sealed styro-bread, then the shot of juice underneath it? This sounds like a giant bowl of Rice Krispies being soaked in milk! ... *snap * crackle * pop * I'm glad I wasn't sitting with anyone I knew; I wouldn't have been able to resist sharing that observation right in the middle of it all.

Also thanks to the travel, I had some big chunks of time with my soon-to-be-former CEO, who joined me for the last half of the trip. She's amazing. It's no wonder she's been tapped for such a great opportunity elsewhere. Yet she's still running full-steam on our behalf in her last weeks in this role. Such a class act.

Been home now for about 24 hours. Settled in, but not quite ready for my own conference, which begins tomorrow afternoon. Lots on my plate. Then a third one, next week, before my chunk of this conference season winds down. Might not be blogging again until the second half of the month.

(Maybe by then, we'll be able to talk openly about plans for lovely niece's major life event, tentatively scheduled for around Thanksgiving.)


Holly said...

Interesting, that hermetically sealed host. Almost as interesting as the holy hot dog bun.

Michelle said...

wow. A juice cup and a wafer. If only they made them with Dora ont hem, we'd be in business. wow. Somehow, it seems to me that breaking bread together never should have made it to this. It's like, I like you, and we're sharing in this really cool thing, but I don't like you THAT much. wow

RevAnne said...

Eek--sounds like you're more busy than I am.
I was working in Christian retail when those communion sets came out. I hate them--they're so sterile and solitary-feeling--which is not the theological sense I want people to have of the Lord's Feast.
Hope things are well, if busy!

revkjarla said...

wow. you ARE busy, girl!

the "holy happy meal" is interesting.
snap. crackle. pop.

I think I would have busted out laughing even if I were by myself. Sorry you didn't have a buddy to share the insight!!

Korean Cowgirl said...

When I got it, I was thinking shot special at your local college bar. Too bad, we Methodists drink grape juice.