Friday, June 12, 2009

Farm report and hodgepodge

- We harvested 2 ears of corn yesterday. Might eat them tomorrow.

- Gave in and planted new okra seeds.

- At last count, 13 marigolds have sprouted in cups.

Now, for the hodgepodge:

- Somebody I know got engaged, and I can't say who yet.

- Somebody else I know is planning stuff, and I can't say who yet.

- It's quite possible that another somebody else would see that last statement and think I meant him or her, when I actually mean someone completely different. There's lots happening out there, ya know.

- I'm busy on The Alpha's birthday this year, and not because it's his birthday.

- I'm hosting my small group meeting in the morning, so I'd better get to bed.


Songbird said...

I think it's very exciting to have your own corn!

revkjarla said...

mmmm corn from the garden. sounds yummy.
send us a pic of the farm!!!!

oh, p.s. someone from cokesbury saw my blog giggles about the baby ministry curriculum and didn't really like it. offered to answer any question....oh my...