Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farm Report '09: The Preview Interview

I'm finished with Annual Conference #2. Time for something non-churchy.

You know, I've interviewed a dog or two on this blog, but don't know that I've interviewed anyone with opposable thumbs here. (FYI: Blogger's spell check feature does not recognize "opposable." Or the possessive of "Blogger," for that matter.) So, here's a Q&A with The Alpha, prompted by the tableau pictured here:

Q: Just to get readers up to speed, we've heard that marigolds help repel bunnies from gardens. And we agreed to plant some marigolds, not just to repel bunnies from the garden, but also to try to keep them out of our whole back yard, where they have a history of getting eaten.

A: Yep.

Q: So you bought 3 seed packets and some soil, and paper cups.

A: Yep.

Q: When I came home, you were planting. We wondered where to keep the paper cups while giving the seeds time to sprout without dog interference. Hence, the windowsill. What other research did you do?

A: Research? I just started sticking dirt in cups and seeds in dirt.

Q: Oh. Okay... So how's the other stuff going?

A: What other stuff?

Q: The crops.

A: Oh, we're about to have squash. We're starting to get some little bitty baby pickles. Some of the corn's gonna be ready to harvest in a few days; some of the silks are getting dry. So pretty soon we'll have some somethin'.

Q: No further word on the okra?

A: There has not been okra one. I don't think you can keep those seeds more than a year. I'm sure we could buy new seeds, plant two, and get more okra than we could eat.

Q: Well, thanks for gardening.

A: Okay... you're welcome? All I've done is stick seeds in the ground and pour water on them.

Q: That's more than I've done.


Michelle said...

You totally crack me up. We planted mystery plants which Maddie discovered were broccoli. But something ate most of it and it wasn't a Mullins.

Anonymous said...

marigolds keep out lots of bugs too - or so my great=grandmother always claimed. that's a lot of marigolds... you have smelled them before, right?

revkjarla said...

awww, alpha is funny!

okra. buy the seeds. I LOOOOVE okra, and up here, all I can get is pickled (which I like) but it is dang expensive. guess they think it is exotic...

good luck with bunny-fencing

revhipchick said...

love the farm report! too cute! now i'm wondering what marigolds smell like!

you're so good to think of the bunnies!

Kirsten said...

Let me know if the marigolds work! We have waaay to many bunnies visitng our yard.

DogBlogger said...

ElastiGirl, I haven't smelled them since I was a kid, so you have me wondering. And Kirsten, we might have a few extras to pass along to you. (There were more cups than appear in the photo!)

zorra said...

When you find a plant that keeps elderly dogs from waddling through caladium beds, let me know.

RevAnne said...

Marigolds are a garden essential. I plant them because my grandmother, the Queen of Gardening, did. But I'm told by the great interwebs that they repel nematodes (wormy things that eat our plants before we can).
Regardless, my bunny-repelling "plant" is a little wire garden fence.

Korean Cowgirl said...

If I remember correctly, you can also use marigolds in foods. True story. I've eaten many a flower. Some of them I was not sure about, but I never died. Hazards of dating a gourmet chef. Glad I date a microwave chef now. Miss the carrot cake though, but rabbits would probably like that.