Monday, March 16, 2009

New dog, 30-something bridesmaids

Just two of many highlights of this weekend in Home State:

1) meeting my new canine brother-in-law, Gus...

Here he's cuddled up next to my mom-in-law. The vet's guess is that he's 2 or 3 years old. He's very, very cute and, unlike my dad's 4-pound maltie-poo (my canine sister? man, that's so much more weird for some reason), Angus and Tuesday recognize him as one of their own species, which makes it much less likely that they'll try to eat him.

(Incidentally, the vet my in-laws have used for years got poisoned this week. He's recovering, but wow -- who knew that small-town veterinary drama like that could happen? Wish I could find a link to the actual story, but it's not popping up on the area paper's site.) UPDATE: Vet drama link in the comments, courtesy of The Alpha.

2) Co-hosting a wedding shower for one of my college roommates, and getting fitted for the bridesmaid dress while I was in town. Here I am with my co-host, the matron of honor. I think this is the last time we'll be bridesmaids (bridesmatrons?)... we're not exactly "maids" at our ages, but hey, this is the bride's only wedding, so by golly, we're doing it right!

There were other unbloggables, of course, but those things likely would've happened even if I'd been at home this weekend. (Should they have happened? No. Can I stop them? No. Can I change them? No. Do I need to go insert myself into the situation just because I happen to be in the same county? No. Look at me, setting healthy boundaries with my family.)

Okay, off to work. Busy week ahead.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You look so pretty!!!

And the new brother in law is so sweet.

Tell us more about the vet drama!!

I wish I could set boundries.

Songbird said...

What a cutie! And I like Gus, too. ;-)

The Alpha said...

For those who care, here's the information on the vet drama. For what that's worth.

zorra said...

I saw that story about the vet on Yahoo last week. Beyond bizarre! I'm glad he's OK.
Gus is a sweetie, and the bridesmaid gowns are lovely.

mid-life rookie said...

Ahhh the drama of life! So proud of you and your boundaries. The vet thing is just too wierd. You look lovely in the bridesmaid (matron?) dress. See you tomorrow night?

RevAnne said...

Pretty dresses and cute cute cute pup.
And boundaries. Good for you. This week will be an exercise in boundaries for me as I go stay with my sister just a little longer than the 3 days I really should (but I get to play with my niece!).
Glad the vet's going to be okay. Hope she goes to jail for a long while.

SpookyRach said...

You rock.

AND you both look good in the bridesmaid dress, which is not something that happens with a lot of bridesmaids. Heh.

Michelle said...

Fine journalism here folks - "We're told Kelly worked at the clinic cleaning cages. Now she's in one."

The doggie is super cute. He is all curled up like a wee little ball. I will have to show Maddie tomorrow.

Periwinkle? Really? Actually, they're very pretty dresses and you do look lovely.

Good for you that you restrained yourself. I have been holding back a little too lately. Must be some need to be nice in the springtime. Good for you (us).


DogBlogger said...

The dress color is called "cornflower." In the picture it shows up less grayish-blue than it does in person. I wonder how it'll come through in the professional photography. Regardless, it's a dress that looks good on a 14-yr-old stepdaughter and several thirtysomethings, which is high praise.