Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(Post title courtesy of Liz Lemon)

After a frightfully busy day at work yesterday, I skipped Disciple class (with permission from the facilitator -- yes, I'm that much of a goody-goody). But I made a list of three things to accomplish with that free time and leftover nervous energy, and I did all three!

Okay, one of the things on the list was "skip class."

And one of them was "write check for BE balance."

But the other thing, the most daunting thing, the thing I'd put off doing over the weekend -- de-clutter two areas: the table by the back door and my gigantic desk at which I almost never sit -- that got done. Yes, hello, I'm DogBlogger, and I have a clutter problem.

So, Zorra, when your trio of travelers arrives, know that what you see, though not immaculate, is far, far better than what I started with on Tuesday night.


zorra said...

As if you needed to be concerned about that. We'll probably just mess it up again.

DogBlogger said...

Just don't bring me more paper, and I'll be happy!

Singing Owl said...

Have fun, you two...and canines too.

SpookyRach said...

Yay for slacking off! On occassion.

Ya, slacker, you. :) Decluttering does feel great, doesn't it?