Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Five: Blogroll Spotlight

Over at RevGalBlogPals, Mary Beth writes:
Some of you probably use feed readers to let you know when your favorite bloggers have posted...not me, not yet. I just have folks who are part of my day-to-day.

So for today's Friday Five, give us five blogs you visit regularly, and tell us briefly WHY you like them. These can be RevGal and Pal bloggers and others ... or news sites, knitting sites, etc. Who are you showing the love to on a pretty constant basis?

Hopefully we will all get to know some new bloggy friends this way!

I'm trying to list some blogpals who aren't RevGals to spice things up!

1. Check On Steve, a blog my friend Tyra Damm writes to keep folks up to date on her husband Steve's condition. He's fighting that brain tumor with gusto, even naming it (The Damm Spot. Out, out, Damm Spot!).

2. The Dallas Morning News Religion Blog. These guys do a thorough and whimsical job of gathering and posting all kinds of religion-related stuff, local, regional, national, international. (And they occasionally link to my day job. And I to theirs.)

3. Cake Wrecks is a spot I should really visit more often (I only hit it about once a week). I just shouldn't do it while I'm at the office. It makes me laugh too hard.

4. At first I thought this type of humor only worked with cats, but I Has a Hot Dog has won me over.

5. And another one that I really should check every day, but don't: Superfantastic. By Lori. We've never actually had a meetup, but we've come close a couple of times.


Auntie Knickers said...

Thanks for telling about Cake Wrecks. Lots of laughs!

altar ego said...

OMG, I nearly choked trying to keep my laughter at low volume (husband's already gone to bed) viewing the cake wrecks. Love the dog site, too. I'm working on a caption for the sleeping pooches atop the car. Hood ornaments for the slow lane? Nah...

Singing Owl said...

I had to bookmark Cake Wrecks! ROFLOL! Thanks!

Tyra said...

Thanks for the note on Steve!

Cake Wrecks is great. I always forget about it -- I'm adding it to my reader now!

Stay warm today!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have read cake wrecks for a few months now and it always makes me laugh!

I think if I got a poorly done cake now I would accept it just so I could take a picture and send it in!

kyramax said...

Cake Wrecks was fun, but I'm loving Superfantastic!

RevAnne said...

I think I may have to add to my list...thanks!

Superfantastic said...

Hey, thanks! I was going to email you about getting together when I was going to be heading that way for spring break, but then my plans fell through. One day we'll make it happen!