Saturday, March 21, 2009

Investigation, and prayers

When I unpacked from my business trip late Friday night, some investigation was necessary:

After a thorough forensic examination of my dirty laundry -- er, the evidence -- The Boy concluded that I had consorted with two other canines while across state lines. I assured him they were good girls, and that he'd sniffed one of their people before, and after a while he calmed down about it.

I'm always glad when I get some dog time during my relatively rare business travels. Having a nose nudge aside my laptop to demand ear-scritchings really makes me feel at home (as did my wonderful bipedal hosts, as well). And I'm very happy to be back with my own pack now, too.

Now, for the prayers: My fellow RevGalBlogPal Cheesehead is grieving the death of her sweet dog Tanner. He was a very good boy. Last spring when we bid farewell to Cub, Cheese wrote a lovely post about how Tanner made such a difference in her life. What a great dog, much loved and deeply missed, even by those like me who never met him face-to-face. Rest well, Tanner.


Anonymous said...

catching up - love the bridesmaid's dresses from the last post - much cuter than most of the ones I got to wear!!

cheesehead said...

Thank you, friend.

zorra said...

Great picture--made me miss that sweet Boy. Glad you had a good trip.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You are one of the bloggers that understands cheese's pain better than the rest of us do. So sorry.

I love when gingerbean nudges my hand when I am on the computer.