Monday, February 16, 2009

How Good I Have It.

When my car wouldn't start yesterday, our household had a second car to jump into.

When my car problem couldn't be solved today, I could afford to have it towed to the dealership.

If I wanted to, I could begin the process of buying a brand-new car tomorrow morning -- with no roadblocks whatsoever in my way.

We filled out our 1040 this evening. A good-sized refund will go straight into our savings account, and the amount we deducted for charitable giving is more than last year's income for some people I know.

My dentist says I have the teeth of a much older woman, but they're all actually my real teeth, none missing.

Our kitchen could use an upgrade to get rid of old colors, impractical cabinetry, and a traffic bottleneck in front of the refrigerator. But we have friends who told us that if we really love each other, don't remodel the kitchen, as it nearly destroyed their marriage. They weren't kidding.

The couch right behind me is 26 years old. It's not gorgeous, but it's a neutral color and we aren't picky about letting the dogs up on it with us.

We "need" new floor covering. But the carpet is basically clean, if a bit tattered in spots.

I have absolutely no reason to whine about my life.


Tyra said...

I love your attitude!

Songbird said...


zorra said...

I hear ya. Me neither.

Mary Beth said...

You are tonic for me!

RevAnne said...

Well said!

trekkerjay said...

So true, so true!! Sometimes I start to "whine" also, but then realize that I am "rich" compared to many in this world.