Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guest Blogger: The Boy

Hi, it's me. The Boy. See me here? I rode with a whole car full of thumb-havers last weekend. I was so excited, my muzzle got all blurry. See?

The Typist says I'm not as good at blogging as my sister was. So I don't get my own blog. But I just wanted to say "haaawhhhh" (that's just how Cattle Dogs say things) to everybody out there who has been so nice to us since Cub went on. And before that, too. Lots of nice around here, all the time.

So, I'm done with blogging for now. That's all. Hey! I gotta pee before bed! Do you? I do.

Oh, and I saw a whole bunch of thumb-havers today that The Alpha called "sixth grade girls" walking down the other side of the street and I didn't have a leash on or anything and I still didn't run after them. I'm a good boy, I am.


RevAnne said...

Wow! That makes you a much better boy than Cletus the WonderMutt. He might be a "grown-up" dog (he's 8 or 9) but he still always has to on a leash. He says when he gets outside, he can hear the song "Born Free" in his head, and he's just got to run.
Glad to hear from you--hope the Typist lets you blog occasionally!

Songbird said...

You are a *very* good boy!

zorra said...

You are such a good boy! Hugs and treats and walks to you today.

Kathryn said...

WHAT a good boy! Lovely to hear your voice. You go on taking care of the Typist and the Alpha, and blog when you can, ok?
Ooh...and the word verification was written just for you

Zen Otter said...

So nice to see you guest blogging!

Diane said...

you ARE a very good boy.

and, me too.

may you have many more good rides in life.

Rev. Dulce said...

What a good boy!! You have the makings of a fine blogger.

Anonymous said...

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