Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday night randomosity

- I'm not sure "randomosity" is actually a word, but I don't really care about finding out.
- Haiti is on my mind. Giving through UMCOR is on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. All of the money given toward relief goes directly toward relief, not to administrative costs.
- I'm picking up another foster dog tomorrow. Yes, I'm the Crazy Dog Lady. Photos to follow, I'm sure.
- My weekend will include dog-fostering, putting together a gig binder for the concert on the 30th, more rehearsal for said concert, and the usual stuff (i.e., church and laundry).
- This point brought to you by Escapism: Tonight's back-to-back episodes of 30 Rock were amazing. Best writing so far this season!
- I know something someone else doesn't know. Just sayin', in that sing-songy voice from the playground.
- My friend Eric wrote this quite measured reaction to Pat Robertson. Thank you, Eric. My own reaction wasn't suitable for print or digital media.
- Heading bedwards now. G'night!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Tell tell!!

You are an amazing crazy dog lady.

I just cannot get in to 30 Rock

RevAnne said...

Thanks to your friend Eric from me, too. I grew up in Virginia Beach but every now and then Pat releases a tirade that makes me ashamed to say so.

Michelle said...

Hope the foster dog stuff went well this weekend. Bragged on you to a random dog person this weekend. :P