Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Confessions of a foster dog mom

Meet Homer -- this picture was taken shortly after I picked him up from a city shelter in a nearby suburb:

Yep, Homer's a pit bull. And yep, he shatters any negative stereotype you might have of pit bulls. Gentle, even-tempered, downright sweet and affectionate.

Homer was never going to be ours. It's just not practical for us to keep three large dogs for the long term (we learned that when we provided a temporary home for a friend's big 7-month-old pup earlier this year). I was only getting Homer out of the place where he had run out of time, in the worst way.

He settled right in here, though. Tuesday and The Boy were decent hosts, even with The Boy's occasional neurotic fits in Homer's direction.

He only stayed two nights at our house, but I have tons of pictures of him cuddling with The Alpha. And a few of him hanging out with me:

Homer is a Very Good Boy, a Very Sweet Boy. And, I think, a Very Cute Boy (though The Alpha admits he disagrees with me on that point).

The next person in the rescue/placement process picked him up this morning. I cried.

Yes, it was only a two-day, two-night stay. I know this. Honestly, I didn't expect him to be so darn endearing. I thought it would be easier to let him pass on through this way.

A friend sent me a message while Homer was at our house: "You're my doggy connection. FB friend from HS is moving back to TX from CT in the spring and wants a big dog. I told her I know the Harriet Tubman of big dogs. :)"

I'll be happy to send leads to my friend's friend. I may shy away from future dog-fostering, though.

I'm not sure I'm strong enough for all the letting go.


Kathryn said...

Oh dear...One of the choristers here does puppy walking for Guide Dogs for the Blind, so has them with her for 8 to 12 months and then passes them on...and I find myself shredded for her every time, though she seems to cope. Hugs and loves and gratitude that you've been there for these dogs x

Songbird said...

I think you're very brave. And I love thinking of you as puppy dog Harriet Tubman.

RevAnne said...

I fostered a Shar-Pei mix when I was in college for a couple of days, and it just devastated me to give Rusty up...even though he was not the best behaved boy. You're brave to have done it. And I know Homer enjoyed the love, Harriet T!

Identity Mixed said...

Fostering is hard. We've had over 150 foster dogs through our house. Some will steal your heart and some you can't wait until they go.

Glad you gave that big lug a warm couch even if just for two days. :)

Sue said...

The very thought of us fostering kittehs makes me realize how very strong you are to foster doggies. I'm just so thankful that you have been there for these needy pups, Harriet. :)

zorra said...

You done good.

Mary Beth said...

I KNOW you are strong enough. God bless this great ministry of yours!! and i adore that photo of the three of them on the couch like ... like three dog muffins. :)

I'm glad I know you.

revhipchick said...

you're amazing!

revkjarla said...

Oh, yes, dear one..the fostering thing is so hard. Even co-fostering the pit/lab mix mama Penny is hard...I love her so much and wish we could keep her...and I don't know what I will do when someone will give her an amazing home. Sigh. Homer looks like a big muffinhead of love. You did a great thing.