Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scattered thoughts, collected.

It turns out that Foster the Dog was indeed the charmer we hoped he would be on Tuesday night. He is moving in with his new people tomorrow. I'm really pleased with this match. Our dogs will be pleased too, because although they get along well with Foster, after a week of living here he seems to be wearing on their nerves a bit.

We have made an overnight reservation at this place for a few months from now. Lovely Niece and New Nephew (he needs a better blog name) will be joining us for the hike. It's an adventure, typical of our vacationing style, but perhaps ratcheted up a notch. I've warned The Alpha that I'll likely have to stop 3 miles into it and take a whine break. (The wine break, an entirely different thing, is at the top of the mountain. Accompanied by supper.)

A couple of months after that, The Alpha is accompanying De Youts on their mission trip. This year, they've selected what he's been wishing they'd select for a few years now. I told him that if they have a shortage of responsible adult females, I could probably be persuaded to go along on this one.

We have four more band rehearsals until our gig. Given recent events, the performance will now include a love offering to benefit disaster relief via The potential it has to make a difference where so much help is needed has given me a new sense of excitement. Also, Mary Beth says she's planning to attend!


Michelle said...

Oooh where are you hiking? I've always wanted to do a "BIG" hike, but I don't think Jeff would go for it.

DogBlogger said...

It's the third-highest peak in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

I think I'm the Jeff in this couple... but I'm determined to do this!

Michelle said...

:) The picture of the cabin looks nice. Also looks fun going to the heifer project. Remember when I took two guys fromt he Pakistan government there for a day trip? That was the day I had to explain that Elvis was not part of the government. HAHAHA!