Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tuesday Interview: New information comes to light

Earlier today The Alpha made some time to go fill up the hole that gave us our subject for this morning's interview with Tuesday. While he was doing so (and a pungent job of it, I might add, with canine leavings mixed in as deterrent), Neighbor Dan made his presence known on the other side of the fence. The Alpha began explaining the source of said hole, and shared that he suspected a bunny chase was behind it all.

"Well," said Neighbor Dan, "I think she might've been trying to get at this."

And he stuck his hand down by the gap to show The Alpha one whole dinner roll, which had been sitting on the ground on his side of the fence. He didn't put it there. Who throws a dinner roll in somebody else's back yard? Honestly? (I suspect the same people who gave us Suburban Commando Bunnies. Which, by the way, are still roaming the neighborhood after more than a month.)

So, Tuesday wasn't going after bunnies, as she claimed in the interview. The Alpha claims it was my poor translation that led to "bunnies" instead of "bun," seeing as how a Shepherd-Collie mix will naturally speak a different dialect than an Australian Cattle Dog or a German Shepherd of partially-unknown origin. I make no claims to have any special inter-species translation abilities anyway, so I'll let it go.

But really, Tuesday... a bun? All that digging for a bun? Next time, just pull yourself up to the kitchen counter. I won't let it bug me, I promise.


ElastiGirl said...

hee hee - maybe she's "bread" to dig... apologies!!

RevAnne said...

Can't do anything but smile!
The WonderMutt digs up stuff you can't get rid of easily. Like grubs. And moles. And buried dog treats. And dirt.
Hope this puts an end to the fence digging. Mothballs mixed into the fill dirt or cayenne pepper sprinkled on it might prevent or slow down a repeat performance, too.

zorra said...

I hate to say it, but: hot wire. Your local Tractor Supply (you do have one?) can help you out. Before long you won't have to turn the juice on any more, just leave the wire up. It won't look bad from inside the house, I promise. At least no worse than huge holes along the fence line.

DogBlogger said...

Zorra, I think as long as our neighbors don't throw more bread (what is this, Rocky Horror Picture Show?), we'll be fine. No more trouble with the issue as of yet.

I don't guess I ever told you about how the previous owner's electric fence nearly burned our house down the night before we closed on it...

zorra said...


RevAnne said...

I'm passing on a Friend Award Hot Cup Lutheran gave me. You deserve it on many levels...but consider it a thanks no Tuesday's behalf.
You can get your badge at my place!