Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tuesday Interview: New Dog issues

Yes, it's Tuesday. And so is the dog (file photo at right).

Typist: Good morning, girl.

Tuesday: Hello.

Typist: So, what about yesterday evening? What was up with that?

Tuesday: Bunnies. They taunt me. They sneak out of the yard.

Still, there was no need to dig a foot-deep hole along the fence line.

Define "need."

Well, you don't have any right to complain when we're cleaning mud clods out of the fur between your paw pads. You put them there. Your fault.

I was going to lick them out later.

Yeah, on our carpet!

Tuesday: I don't know why you make such a big deal out of carpet.

Actually, I don't either. It's pretty old.... But hey! We are having a house guest tomorrow, and things have to look presentable.

(sigh) Don't even ask me to stop shedding. It's my life's purpose.

Typist: Okay, here's the plan: there's still a hole under the fence line, and I don't want you making it any bigger. It's not safe to risk having you and Angus running around the neighborhood. You're both staying inside today.

Tuesday: Do I get the couch?

Typist: You have to share the couch.

(sigh) Okay.


RevAnne said...

Is Tuesday a 14 year old human female? Too funny!

Kathryn said...

I think it's somethign to do with the class of 08...The lovely Libby both moults for England and is a very keen gardener. Holes in all sorts of places in the vicarage garden - which was pretty bombed out before she arrived (this being a brand new house, with no garden work done at all). I've never had a digging dog, but I don't know how to dissuade her.
Oooh...and guess what your verification is today
Truly it is :-)

Songbird said...