Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Five: Countdown to Christmas Edition

"It's true," writes Songbird over at RevGalBlogPals.

"There are only five full days before Christmas Day, and whether you use them for shopping, wrapping, preaching, worshiping, singing or traveling or even wishing the whole darn thing were over last Tuesday, there's a good chance they will be busy ones.

"So let's make this easy, if we can: tell us five things you need to accomplish before Christmas Eve."

I confess I fall mostly in the camp of wishing the whole darn thing were over last Tuesday! But after a marathon evening of shopping last night, here are five things I still need to accomplish before Christmas Eve:

1. Give a gift in honor of my dad to UMCOR's Sager Brown Depot, where he goes on the occasional mission trip. (I'm hoping the ink cartridges I ordered will arrive today so I can print out the card!)

2. Wrap just a few more things.

3. Meet up with my maid of honor and her other bridesmaids on Tuesday to help her shop for her wedding gown (I may be looking forward to this more than Christmas itself... Christmas comes every year, but true love for this amazing woman has been a long time coming).

4. Adjust my attitude more in the direction of joy.

5. Give the bishop's assistant an answer to a request (and thereby answer a question: Yes, you've recently turned down some things because you have a full plate. But there's always room for Jell-O; what if this thing is the Jell-O?)


RevDrKate said...

Blessings on all you still have to do. The wedding sounds like a truly wonderful event.

Melissa said...

I totally hear you on the #4!

Songbird said...

And what if you think Jello is icky?`

DogBlogger said...

Oh, sure, SB. Complicate it even more for me! ;-)

Actually, the original examples were a wafer-thin mint (oh, I'm too full), a scoop of ice cream (really, I just can't), and a big chocolate-chip cookie straight out of the oven (well, I guess I could make a little room for that... twist my arm...).

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oh my christmas... wedding advice... and discerning the consistency of the request... you are busy! peace to you as you navigate it all...

zorra said...

I'm so happy for your friend! Your joy and love for her leaps off the screen. That's gonna be one rockin' wedding.

If you take on this other thing, do you have time to do it well?

Love and Merry Christmas to you and yours.