Monday, November 15, 2010

Before and During

The following photos aren't that great, but for those who asked to see, they should give you the gist of what's currently going on at the new (to us) Manor.

First off, if you haven't seen this over on teh Facey Spaces, here's the first thing I removed from the house after I signed the papers and got the key:

It's still in the garage, because I kinda hope I get invited to a white elephant gift exchange this Christmas.

Okay, on to some more stuff.

Here's the back hallway, facing toward the front of the house. The door in front of you is the garage; the door in front of it is the open door of an oddly-placed closet. Oh, well, at least we have storage. To the left is the laundry closet (I wouldn't call it a room because you can't actually walk into it, but it's big enough for the washer and dryer and a couple more things). To the right is the master bedroom. Behind the camera is the bedroom we're using as the study/office/whatever. Guest room and hallway bath are around the corner to the left.

Here's the breakfast area. It's maybe halfway finished. No, I take that back. Only the floor is finished. But we still have to seal the grout, so technically, none of it is finished. We must also rid it of the rest of the wallpaper, paint it with the same tan and red we used in our old house, and replace the light fixture.
Here's the dining area (three walls and an open view of the living area, so not technically its own room). Two walls painted the same red as our old dining room. Third wall painted the same tan as our old kitchen and the lower part of our old dining room. Though it doesn't show up in the photo, the light fixture is the hard-wired oval paper lantern we had in the old house (new owners let us take it). The doorway you see leads to the breakfast area off the kitchen (pictured above).
More kitchen-in-progress. The cabinets have already been stripped and re-painted white, but the pinkish wallpaper has yet to go. The countertops left today. Granite countertop installation happens Friday. Dishwasher installation should happen before that; stove installation after; and a new, deeper sink at the same time as the granite.
Also, we discovered our fridge, the pretty one we bought last year during the Kitchen Remodel of Aught-Nine, is too wide for the space in this new kitchen. Craptastic! We have to buy a new fridge, and hopefully sell the year-old one at a decent return. Plus, we made a little money off the previous owners' fridge, which they didn't care to take with them. (We have sold a number of such things on that list, by that guy. You know the one.)
I'm feeling way over-consumed. We aren't going into debt to do any of this, but I don't like buying so much stuff.
Which is one of the reasons why we're going to endure the master bathroom's current condition a bit longer...

Yeah, let me give you a close-up of that wallpaper pattern. Notice the sheen of stripes? As if the other wasn't enough.

Impromptu contest: Leave a description of this wallpaper, or perhaps a story of the pattern's origin, in the comments. Best answer gets a prize. I'll figure out what the prize is while I'm unpacking. Which should happen some time before Christmas. Maybe.


Jules said...

Oh My Gah. You totally were not kidding with the Sponge Bob Toilet.

revkjarla said...

Love the Sponge Bob Toilet seat...
and for the wallpaper...

love to you!

Mompriest said...

good work you are doing...I think that wallpaper is modeled after or part of a collection that included fabric...and I think that fabric was used by the interior designer I worked for 20+ years ago...he was (is?) a very famous interior designer who had excellent taste - although frankly his taste ran more to the neutrals...I think he had a white linen paint color named after him...anyway, I digress....the wallpaper, especially with that sheen is hideous...but the work you are doing is wonderful

RevAnne said...

I'm still not done unpacking and I moved in June.
The wallpaper is...hmmm...imitation Asian-inspired late twentieth-century excess. In teal and taupe.

Mary Beth said...

"Psychotic Acid Road Trip Peacock Feather"

DogBlogger said...

Anne, bonus points for mentioning the ethnic heritage of the house's previous owners!

Mary Beth, now I'll be looking for peacock feathers next time I'm "taking a moment..."

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

How about peacock explosion. Willie Wonka's Trip Golden Ticket To Hades.

But I don't think I want to win if the prize is that spongebob.

ElastiGirl said...

Mindy - LOL

We saw that paper in books in 1992 when we built our house- very fancy and expensive! I would call it "Peacock - Sea Shell Mash with tonal overly"

Linda said...

Hmm. Sorry, I disagree. I'm half-asian so maybe that's why I could immediately spot that those are NOT peacock feathers. They are pineapples. PINEAPPLES.

Here is my description of the wallpaper:

The arrangement of lovely pineapples nestled together with battered squid chips, prickly giant mutated kiwi and toxic blooms of onions and cauliflower arranged between the paisleys of doom had driven the previous homeowners to madness. The elements plotted to do the same to the new inhabitants by watching them, waiting until 3am and then singing folk tunes in the middle of the night through the voice of each other.

Yeah, I'd tear that down, stat.

zorra said...

You do know Oscar Wilde's last words, right?
"Either that wallpaper goes, or I."

GuitarDave said...

MC Escher's reject cousin's masterpiece?