Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Because I miss my blog.

And I miss reading other people's blogs, too. Between my work duties and our mad rush at home improvement since the move, blogging has fallen even further down the list of priorities. True, FB helps me keep up with many of the same people, but not in such a significant way as reading regular blog entries would. Most of us face similar situations these days, it seems.

So, a list. I do lists well.

- The kitchen cabinets are now nicely painted (instead of crappily painted like they were when we moved in), and the wood-look tile we loved having in our old house now makes up our living/dining/kitchen floors.
- We still haven't moved into those three rooms. We want to get some other stuff done first (like grout sealing, doing away with the kitchen wallpaper, installing countertops and appliances). Lots of stuff in the garage; cars don't fit.
- The dogs seem to be adjusting. The first week we were here, I actually splurged for 3 days of doggy day care because workmen were at the house all day and I didn't really know if the dogs understood that the backyard belongs to them. Now they seem to get it, though.
- We did get our guest room arranged, and have already hosted overnight guests: my sister, bro-in-law, and their two dogs.
- The Alpha is driving a 65-mile commute each way, three days a week. He's really hoping to back that down by a day or two within the next few months. His two work-from-home days per week are going well.
- Tonight I'm planning to texture the walls in the hallway bathroom. We have a to-do list a mile long, but we're chipping away at it, bit by bit.
- New flooring in the hallway should happen this weekend.
- Work we've had done: kitchen and hallway cabinets and fireplace mantel professionally painted with oil-base enamel; tile laid in three rooms; new HVAC system in the process of installation (furnace complete; a/c on Friday); burglar alarm installation.
- Work we've done ourselves: three ceiling fans installed; wallpaper stripped from hallway bath; blinds installed in living room; old stove and dishwasher removed and sold; dining room lighting from old house installed (brass chandelier taken down and donated to cool urban church plant -- they'll spray-paint it yellow to hang it in their space); and a number of other tiny things.
- And now it's time for me to leave for work. 'bye now.


RevAnne said...

having been sick and then on vacay, I miss mine too. Appreciate the update!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love your list and that your family hace been reuinited! Cannot wait for the pics to see all that you have done!

Songbird said...

I miss your blogging, so good to hear these updates!

Jules said...

That is awesome tile! Glad you got it in the new house.

Pictures, please!

Mompriest said...

it will be so fabulous to have it all done! lots of good work...

Mary Beth said...

yay for you and your blogging!!

zorra said...

Wow! So great to read a real blog post...maybe I'll actually write one too...glad you got the tile and the painting, please, when you have a chance!

Sue said...

Oooo........thanks for the update!! Pictures soon please!!!

Diane said...

I miss you, too. and a myriad of other things.

love your list. also waiting for the pics.

and agree with you that blogging and facebook are not the same.