Saturday, June 19, 2010

I keep thinking, "I need to blog that."

...and now that I've allowed myself a moment, I can't think of what prompted that thought.

This new experience we're having, getting a house ready to list, is grueling at times. Lots of painting. Choosing colors and materials based on the guess that they'll offend the fewest number of viewers, and that they are of decent quality, "but not too expensive" (like the Shrubbery order from the Knights Who Say "Ni"). Going through junk you didn't remember you even had. Dividing it into stacks: Donate, sell, recycle, trash. Making an untold number of trips to the home improvement big-box stores, both orange and blue, because sometimes they really do have different materials stocked. I took a vacation day yesterday to handle several such tasks. It was totally worth it.

Last night we had a welcome break in such action. My dear supervisor and her husband came over with a delightful home-cooked meal. Good company, good food, good wine, bad movie. It was fantastic.

Still looking for a home for Crystal, who is doing quite well:

We really need to get her placed before we put the house on the market. And we really, really need to get her placed before we move. Several laws and regulations in our home state are not very friendly toward her breed, so finding a good forever home in Texas would be better for her.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You have been busy!!

Still praying for her a home.

Songbird said...

She looks so sweet! I will pray, too.

zorra said...

I was just about to email you and ask how things were progressing, then I saw this post. Still praying for Crystal. Lena had another wonderful family that was very interested then decided the time wasn't right to add a third dog to their household.
WV: foreal, as in "Crystal needs a forever home foreal."

RevAnne said...

We've just in, I haven't brought the WonderMutt to his new home yet. He boards at the vet because it's too stressful for him to watch all those people take things away from their house. Hoping Crystal finds her forever home asap!