Monday, June 28, 2010

Another happy goodbye

This seems to be the week for parting. Again, it's a good thing:

These nice people welcomed Crystal the Foster Dog to her forever home this evening.

Early developments indicate that she's a daddy's girl.

She shows appropriate respect for/lack of interest in the toddler, too.

Everything I see and hear tells me that these are People Who Get It. The kind of people who understand that a dog can become a valuable part of the family, if you will only let her. And they are going to let her.

Thus far, The Boy and The Tueser seem to be enjoying getting back to a two-dog household. Just wait until this weekend, when I rock their world yet again by taking them to live with another family -- temporarily, while we put this house on the market. I'm going to miss them something fierce these next few weeks.

Dang goodbyes.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so happy for her!

Mary Beth said...

I LOOOOOVE Crystal, and so I LOOOOOVE those people.

and I LOOOOOVE you too.

Sue said... happy for Crystal. She is so very unique and wonderful. This family will be deeply blessed.

Thinking of you in this transition time...

zorra said...

I love that first picture; she looks so happy!