Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some dogs never leave you.

Two years ago yesterday, we said goodbye to Cub. We still miss her. Tears are welling up even now. Eight years was not enough life for her, but liver disease doesn't play fair. We did the best we could and cared for her in ways that not everyone would have bothered to do. She was -- she is -- my babydog.

So it felt right that yesterday I was able to honor her memory by helping other dogs. My friend Terry and I got up way. too. early. and picked up five dogs from a local shelter. We used The Alpha's car because it has more room for things like crates (he didn't even complain about the smell... which is still there, even though I wiped down the entire cargo area when we were done).

We drove Frankie, Charlie, Oso, Hudson, and Sally to Ardmore, where we met their next transporter, who drove them to Norman. The next leg took them into Kansas, where they stayed overnight, and this afternoon they are scheduled to arrive at the rescue group HQ in Minnesota. Those dogs are alive because we helped. We made a difference.

Oh, and yes, we still have the foster dogs. Here's a new Petfinder listing for Crystal.

When she and I met the pit bull rescue coordinator on Friday, I learned just how attached she is to me. Karla tried walking with Crystal across the parking lot of her office while I stood still, and Crystal kept stopping to look back at me. Karla recommended that I recruit other people to take Crystal for short walks while I stay home, to get her to worry less about where I am and learn to enjoy a walk more. We also will make regular trips out and about until she learns to relax a little more in unfamiliar situations. Her timidity is her biggest hurdle. She is definitely adoptable, though! I'm glad to have that assurance from someone more experienced at these types of things.

Oh, and Poohbert is still doing quite well, too.

Some dogs never leave you. In Cub's case, I'm very glad of that. In Crystal and Poohbert's cases, it's just not for us. We aren't their forever home. We will gladly keep them safe until they find it, though.


Songbird said...

Yes, some never do. Love you, mean it.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

And I just know that Cub is so happy about what you are doing.

You rock.

zorra said...


RevAnne said...

Wow, has it really been 2 years? I posted a lolcat pic on my blog Friday because it reminded me of Otis. It's been almost 4 years for him.
And I still miss Chuckie, who died right after I got engaged almost 11 years ago.
They make a place in our hearts, and they never really leave us.

RevAnne said...

Just got back from the vet with the WonderMutt, who has severe arthritis in both front legs, although he really hasn't let on.
So now he gets to make some real life-style changes, including no jumping onto or off of the bed (we'll try to train him to use some doggie steps to climb up and down), no more long walks, and we'll have to work on getting his weight more late-night meals for this old pup. And oh, yeah, daily pain meds. Sigh. I don't want him to be old.
Puppy kisses to all of your furry kids, temporary and permanent!