Saturday, February 13, 2010

It was bound to happen eventually.

This is Dustin. As you can tell, he arrived during the Big Texas Snow of '10.

Dustin is yet another foster dog. He's not staying forever. But he's different -- he's the first foster dog who has arrived here sick.

He's currently quarantined in the empty bedroom. He's on a few medications, including antibiotics -- which, strangely, they didn't give him on the first trip to the vet. (WTF? I told you I have other dogs here and I'm worried that whatever it is could spread to them.... my fault, I guess, for assuming the prescription drug you gave him was indeed an antibiotic, but still, if you'd paid closer attention, especially when I called back to say he wasn't improving, I wouldn't have had to take him to the emergency clinic last night.)

So, for the people who pray for dogs: Please keep Dustin in your prayers.

* * * * *
Assorted other stuff:

- Yes, we had a lot of snow here. It was gorgeous. I took pictures. May post some eventually. People in Texas never get to make snow sculptures, but snow-families of five, snow dogs, snow bunnies, and snow forts started turning up in our neighbors' yards. I took some video of the dogs out in it, but they didn't go full-on Snow Poppy like a certain someone used to do when there was as little as half an inch on the ground.

- Heard about a new project involving 2/3 of my favorite trio of musicians. I pre-ordered the CD and have claimed my four free downloads.

- Had a lovely candlelight dinner at home with my sweetie tonight. We don't go in for all the Valentine hype. This morning, while we were shopping for the dinner ingredients, we walked by the greeting card aisle. "Crap, was I supposed to get you a card?" I said in the most romantic way possible. "Uh, I didn't get you one," he answered. My response: "Oh, good, we're fine, then." And that was the end of that subject. One of many reasons we make such a great couple.


ElastiGirl said...

yeah - no cards at our house either - and we were all happy with that! I did fix stuffed peppers with red bells peppers for the occasion!

Sue said...

We don't do card either. Too Hallmarky.

Prayers for the pup.

revkjarla said...

How is Dustin?

DogBlogger said...

He's doing better, thanks. Would love to chat with you some time about the whole fostering thing, since you have more experience. I'm gathering perspectives in reaction my vet's office recommendation that I quarantine any and all fosters for their entire stay with us, even if they appear healthy and my dogs are fully vaccinated.

Mary Beth said...

Hope Dustin is better.

No cards here either...Ken doesn't see the point in them and we make sure to convey the message other ways without enriching Hallmark!

Michelle said...

I think Gene and Barbara keep the fosters separate for a while until they are sure about the health stuff and the doggy relations... I'm sure she would have some experience to share if you are looking for some perspectives.

Anonymous said...
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